Washington State Economy:

Government, Real Estate and Rental Leasing Information, and Manufacturing are the largest industries in Washington.

Washington State Bankruptcy Court Locations:

Western District of Washington:

US Bankruptcy Court
700 Stewart St., #6301
Seattle, WA 98101

Eastern District of Washington:

904 West Riverside Ave., Suite 304
Spokane, WA 99201

US Bankruptcy Court Union Station
 1717 Pacific Ave., Suite 2100
Tacoma, WA 98402-3233

 402 E. Yakima Avenue
Spokane, WA 99201

Suite 200
Yakima, WA 98901

Washington Bankruptcy Exemptions:

Washington Homestead Exemption

The homestead exemption protects up to $125,000 of equity in a debtor’s home or principal residence, including a manufactured or mobile home. The exemption is reduced to $15,000 for other personal property used as a residence. (RCW §§ 6.13.010, 6.13.020, 6.13.030.)

Washington Motor Vehicle Exemption

A debtor can exempt up to $3,250 in one motor vehicle. Spouses filing jointly can each exempt a vehicle. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(iii).)

Washington DC Wildcard Exemption

A filer can exempt up to $3,000 worth of any type of personal property other than wages with the following limitations: no more than $1,500 total in cash and $500 total in bank accounts (with the exception that you can have $2,000 in bank accounts for consumer debt and $2,500 for educational loans). (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(ii).)

Washington Tools of the Trade

ExemptionA debtor can exempt up to $10,000 in tools, instruments, and materials used to carry on his or her trade. Special exemptions are available for farmers, physicians, attorneys, and clergymen. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(e)(i)-(iii).)

Washington Pension and Retirement Exemptions

A debtor may exempt federal pension benefits except for child support, and retirement disability benefits except for alimony and child support. (RCW §§ 6.15.020(2), (3).) Police and firefighter retirement benefits are exempt. (RCW §§ 41.26.053, 41.20.180, 41.24.240, 43.43.310.) Retirement benefits of teachers are exempt. (RCW §§ 41.32.590, 41.32.052, 41.32.055.) City employee retirement benefits are exempt. (RCW §§ 41.44.240, 41.28.200.)
Tax-exempt retirement accounts such as 401ks and IRAS are exempt under the federal rules, even if you use Washington exemptions.

Washington Personal Property Exemptions

You can exempt the following personal property:

  ⦁ Clothing. No more than $3,500 for furs, jewelry, and personal ornaments per person (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(a).)
  ⦁ Family pictures and keepsakes. Books and electronic media to $3,500 per person (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(b).)
  ⦁ Cell phone, personal computer, and printer. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(c).)
  ⦁ Household goods, furniture, and provisions. Not to exceed $6,500 per individual or $13,000 per married couple, with no single item to exceed $750 (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(i).)
  ⦁ Child support. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(iv).)
  ⦁ Professionally prescribed health aids. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(v).)
  ⦁ Personal injury recovery. Not to exceed $20,000 per individual or loss of future income payments to the extent reasonably necessary. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(d)(vi).)
  ⦁ Tuition units. Must be purchased more than two years before filing. (RCW § 6.15.010(1)(f).)
  ⦁ Annuities. (RCW § 6.15.020(1).)

Other Washington Exemptions

  ⦁ Fire insurance proceeds from exempt property. (RCW § 6.15.030.)
  ⦁ Some separate property of a spouse. (RCW §§ 6.15.040, 26.16.200.)
  ⦁ Wages, salary, and personal services compensation. (RCW § 6.27.150.)
  ⦁ Trust income. (RCW § 6.32.250.)
  ⦁ Crime victim compensation. (RCW §§ 7.68.070, 51.32.040.)
  ⦁ Some partnership property. (RCW § 25.04.250.)
  ⦁ Uniforms and firearms. (RCW § 38.40.150.)
  ⦁ Police and fire retirement.
  ⦁ Disability benefits. (RCW § 48.18.400.)
  ⦁ Individual and group life insurance proceeds. (RCW §§ 48.18.410-420.)
  ⦁ Annuity contract benefits. Up to $3,000 per month. (RCW § 48.18.430.)
  ⦁ Fraternal benefit society benefits. (RCW § 48.36A.180.)
  ⦁ Burial lots. Must be sold by a nonprofit association. (RCW §§ 68.20.120, 68.24.220.)
  ⦁ Work release earnings. (RCW § 72.65.060.)
  ⦁ Public assistance. (RCW §§ 74.04.280, 74.08.210, 40.020, 51.32.040)