State of Montana Economy:

Agriculture, forestry, mining, and energy production and services remaining the driving force for the Montana economy.

Montana Bankruptcy Court Locations:

Butte – Mike Mansfield Federal Courthouse
400 North Main Street, 2nd Floor
Butte, MT 59701

Russell Smith Federal Courthouse
201 E. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802

James F. Battin Federal Courthouse
2601 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101

Great Falls
Missouri River Federal Courthouse
125 Central Avenue West
Great Falls, MT 59404

Montana State Bankruptcy Exemptions:

  Homestead or residential property

Up to $250,000 of equity in a residence (on up to 320 farm acres, a quarter of city acreage, or one residential acre outside a municipality). You can also protect proceeds from insurance, condemnation, or the sale of a qualifying home for up to 18 months. (The funds lose the exempt status after the 18-month period expires.) You must file a homestead declaration before filing bankruptcy to qualify for the exemption. (Mont. Code Ann. §§ 70-32-104, 25-13-615)

⦁ Insurance benefits. Life insurance proceeds (other than to the insured) (Mont. Code Ann. § 33-15-511); medical, surgical, or hospital care benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(f)); group life insurance proceeds (Mont. Code Ann. § 33-15-512); hail insurance benefits (conditions apply) (Mont. Code Ann. § 80-2-245); fraternal group society benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 33-7-522); unmatured life insurance contracts (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(k)); annuity contracts (conditions apply). (Mont. Code Ann. § 33-15-514)
Motor vehicle. Up to $2,500 of equity in one motor vehicle. (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-609(2))
Personal property. Furniture, appliances, animals, feed, and crops, musical instruments, books, firearms, sporting goods, jewelry, and clothing, up to $600 per item and $4,500 total (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-609(1)); prescribed health aids (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(a)); burial plot (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(h)); cooperative association shares (Mont. Code Ann. § 35-15-404); proceeds from insurance or the sale of exempt property (conditions apply). (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-610(1))
⦁ Domestic support. Alimony and child support. (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(g))
Pension, retirement, and other benefits. Public employee retirement benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 19-2-1004); qualified benefits (conditions apply) (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-608(1)(e)); firefighters’ retirement benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 19-18-612); police officers’ retirement benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 19-19-504); teachers’ retirement benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 19-20-706); university system employees’ retirement benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 19-21-212). (To learn more about available federal exemptions for retirement funds, visit The Federal Nonbankruptcy Exemptions (link above).)
Public benefits. Public assistance (Mont. Code Ann. §§ 53-2-607, 25-13-608(1)(b)); unemployment compensation (Mont. Code Ann. §§ 31-2-106(2), 39-51-3105); veterans’ benefits (not including support payments) (Mont. Code Ann. §25-13-608(1)(c)); silicosis benefits (Mont. Code Ann. § 39-73-110); crime victims’ compensation. (Mont. Code Ann. §5 3-9-129)
⦁ Tools of the trade. Tools and implements of your trade up to $3,000, including a library. (Mont. Code Ann. § 25-13-609(3))