Idaho Economy:

Science and Technology drive Idaho State’s economy, led by Micron Technology in Boise.

Location of Idaho Bankruptcy Courts:


Coeur d’Alene


550 W. Fort Street, St. 400

Boise, ID 83724

(208) 334-1361

(866) 496-1250

6450 North Mineral Drive

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

(208) 665-6850

(866) 299-5515

801 E. Sherman Street, Rm 119

Pocatello, ID 83201

(208) 478-4123

(866) 444-6086

Idaho Bankruptcy Exemptions:

Idaho Homestead Exemption

A filer can protect up to $175,000 in equity in a home or mobile home. This amount can’t be doubled by married filers. The exemption amount covers sales proceeds and insurance proceeds from the destruction of your home (conditions apply). (§§ 55-1001-1003, §55-1008, 55-1113)

Idaho Motor Vehicle Exemption

A debtor can exempt up to $10,000 in a motor vehicle. (§ 11-605(3))

Idaho Wildcard Exemption

A debtor can exempt up to $1,500 of any tangible personal property of the debtor’s choice (no real estate or nontangible property interests). (§11-605(10))

Other Bankruptcy Exemptions in Idaho

These are additional types of property you’ll be able to protect.

  • Property exempt without limitation. You can exempt an unlimited amount of the following: burial plot, health aids that allow you or a family member to work and maintain your health, public assistance, and unemployment compensation. (§ 11-603)
  • Property reasonably necessary for support. You can exempt the following property as long as it is reasonably necessary for your support (conditions might apply): proceeds received as the result of bodily injury or wrongful death of a person upon whom you’re dependent (§ 11-604(1)(c)); disability benefits (§ 41-1834); alimony or support payments (§ 11-604(1)(b)); insurance benefits (§§ 41-1833(1), 41-1930); group life insurance benefits (§ 41-1835); life insurance proceeds (§ 41-1930).
  • Personal property. Up to $7,500 ($1,000 per item) of household appliances and furnishings, pets, instruments, heirlooms, and items of sentimental value (§§ 11-605(1)(a),(b),(c)); up to $5,000 in crops cultivated on up to 50 acres and water rights for 160 inches of water (§ 11-605(7)); up to $1,000 of jewelry (§ 11-605(2)); a firearm up to $1,500 in value (§ 11-605(8)).
  • Pension and retirement benefits. ERISA-qualified benefits (§§ 50-1011, 11-604A); public employees’ retirement benefits (§§ 59-1317, 59-1325); firefighter’s fund retirement benefits (§ 72-1422); employee plan benefits (§§ 11-604(1), 11-604A, 41-1834). (Additional exemptions might also be available for retirement benefits. See Your Retirement Plan in Bankruptcy.)
  • Tools of the trade. Up to $10,000 of tools used in a trade or business. (§ 11-605(2))
  • Wages. Up to $2,500 in disposable earnings per calendar year. (§ 11-605(11))