Connecticut Economy:

Largest employers: Sikorsky Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney, General Dynamics, Hartford Hospital. The effect of the pandemic has wreaked havoc on an already struggling state economy.  The shutdown of the state economy as a result of the pandemic has left tens of thousands of private sector employees in the hospitality, nail salons, restaurant and bars unemployed.

Bankruptcy Court Locations: 

United States Bankruptcy Court
Abraham Ribicoff Federal Building
450 Main Street, 7th Floor
Hartford, CT  06103

Connecticut Bankruptcy Exemptions:

Connecticut Homestead Exemption

  • Homestead or residential property. Up to $75,000 of equity in real property, co-op, or a manufactured home that you occupy at the time you file bankruptcy. Spouses can double the homestead exemption. (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(t).)

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Exemption

  • Motor vehicles. Up to $3,500 in equity in your motor vehicle. (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(j).)

Connecticut Wildcard Exemption

  • Wildcard. $1,000 of any property. (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(r).)

Other Connecticut Bankruptcy Exemptions

  • Personal property. Appliances, clothing, food, furniture, and bedding (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(a)); necessary health aids (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(f)); burial plot (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(c)); insurance proceeds for damaged exempt property (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(q)); residential and utility security deposits for one residence (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(l)); spendthrift trust funds necessary for the support of you and your family (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-321(d)); transfers to a licensed debt adjuster (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(u)); wedding and engagement rings (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(k)).
  • Public benefits. Public assistance (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(d)); crime victims’ compensation (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(o), § 54-213); military personnel arms, equipment, uniforms, and instruments (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(i)); Social Security (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(g)); veterans’ benefits (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(g)); workers’ compensation (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(g)).
  • Tools of the trade. Necessary tools, books, and farm animals (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(b)); farm partnership animals and livestock reasonably required to operate the farm at which 50% or more of the partners are members of the same family (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352d).
  • Domestic support. Alimony, to the extent that wages are exempt (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(n)); child support (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352b(h)).
  • Wages. 75% of disposable wages or 40 times the minimum wage, whichever is higher. (Conn. Gen Stat. § 52-352a(f).)
  • Pensions and tax-exempt retirement accounts. Municipal employees, state employees, teachers (Conn. Gen Stat. § 7-446; 5-171 and 5-192w; 10-183q.) Under federal law, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, profit-sharing and money purchase plans, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, and defined-benefit plans (11 U.S.C. § 522(b)(3)(C).) Learn more about retirement accounts in bankruptcy.